An average, managers spend 360 hours per year on organic paperwork.
That’s one month of paperwork.
We think you could do more than shuffle papers with 3 weeks.

At Code One Compliance, we value time.
We complete and manage your organic and food safety paperwork while you do the things only you can do. Most people want their paperwork to be correct, but do not have the time to translate the legal-ese of regulations, and search for the forms requested by your certifier.

When you join our team, you gain a staff of organic experts working for your business, 24/7. The value doesn’t stop with paperwork.
With our network, we keep an eagle-eye on inputs, suppliers, distributors, and funding options for our clients.

For taxes, you hire an accountant. Accountants know tax code and that saves you time and money. Consider us the accountants of your Organic System Plan.
We have mastery of organic regulations from our work in organic certification, inspection, and operation management, and provide unmatched value to your company.

Code One Compliance provides food safety plan engineering and management, supports organic integrity, and is the parent company of EZosp.


Great things people are saying about us.


comm1 Michelle Gregg is very professional and very direct. She gets all the information that is needed and is very observant. She does not waste the farmers time and gets down to business. This schedule was very aggressive, however after seeing her work, I can understand why she is confident about getting it done in the time frame given.

-Kris, Inspected Party

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